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Refresher Observations from Mike and Keith

September 25th, 2006

To everyone at the Baldy, Buckhorn, Waterman OEC Refresher.
Thanks for your efforts today.  I want to especially express my thanks
to all the instructors who made the OEC Refresher so successful today.
My compliments to also to the patrollers who were prepared and who
participated with vigor and enthusiasm.  This was the best refresher in
which I have had the privilege to participate.
I am looking forward to joining you on the snow once the season begins.
Thanks for the great effort!
Mike Gunning
OEC IT Mt Waterman

HI Everyone,
Keith Tatsukawa here… and I also 100% agree with Mike.   The enthusiasm and energy felt throughout the refresher from both Instructors and patrollers was remarkable!  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!  You make me proud to be affiliated with such a talented and dedicated group of patrollers. With all of the “political” NSP issues combined with local hill issues going on, it was a breath of fresh 02 being with all of you this morning.  Special thanks to Frank Deleo, Mike Gunning, and Denise Devines for your combined efforts and planning to make this even the success that it truly was.    ..applaud.. Applaud..

Btw, two last points… please send in your comment page from your refresher guide to National if you have not done so already. Every single one of your comments are read and taken seriously! After the National office,  I will then receive all of them in Dec.. This Dec meeting is the gathering of OEC Division Supervisors throughout the nation.  If there are any viable issues that you would like me to address on behalf of the Far West Division, please contact me soon… I will be more than happy to discuss issues with you and take them to the National level.  Of course the best received issues are those that include several viable options… please try to think not only about what is “wrong” with the system, but how it can be improved upon….

Lastly, to make this event a truly learning experience, I implore all of you to take heart to the topics and skills that you may have been a bit rusty on and brush up on them Before the season begins!  Get with some patroller friends, family, pets and practice those skills and read up on those topics so each season we will be more prepared then the previous seasons!!

Congrats and thanks again to all that attended.

Warmest regards,
Keith Tatsukawa
Far West Division OEC Supervisor

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